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Bennet Cup Standings 29/10/2023

The Bennett Cup results following yesterday’s Kent XC League at Tonbridge saw a win for Luca Ercolani, followed by men’s team captain Micah Evans in 2nd and Ashley Pearson in 3rd!

Congratulations to everyone who took part, full results can be seen in the table below:

Gross TimeHandicapNet TimeBennett Cup PositionBennett Cup Points
Luca Ercolani0:32:12-00:06:080:26:04140
Micah Evans0:29:10-00:02:430:26:27239
Ashley Pearson0:37:29-00:10:580:26:31338
Christian Clement0:31:26-00:04:530:26:33437
Morgan Squibb0:32:45-00:06:100:26:35536
Finton Parkinson0:31:37-00:05:000:26:37635
Jason Meers0:36:57-00:10:110:26:46734
George Kleanthous0:38:20-00:11:300:26:50833
Chloe Sharp0:32:15-00:05:220:26:53932
Gregory Bull0:32:12-00:05:170:26:551031
Sarah Belaon0:40:36-00:13:410:26:551130
James Unwin0:44:48-00:17:500:26:581229
Kevin Fini0:29:43-00:02:360:27:071328
Graeme Lugar0:30:05-00:02:580:27:071427
Barry Slattery0:39:23-00:12:130:27:101526
Joshua Dowling0:34:53-00:07:360:27:171625
Matthew Bullen0:37:10-00:09:480:27:221724
Carole Coulon0:33:55-00:06:300:27:251823
Ian Scott0:35:53-00:08:200:27:331922
Paul Sharpe0:34:10-00:06:360:27:342021
Martin Parkinson0:35:55-00:08:170:27:382120
Dominic Smith0:29:50-00:02:030:27:472219
Luigi Arcuri0:42:13-00:14:130:28:002318
Chris Martin0:41:09-00:13:030:28:062417
Ted Marston0:33:54-00:05:590:27:552516
Gregory Firth0:34:58-00:06:150:28:432615
Rod Harrington0:40:20-00:11:210:28:592714
Mark Ellison0:43:12-00:14:090:29:032813
William Senbanjo0:31:59-00:08:170:23:422912
Andrew Tutt0:43:00-00:13:030:29:573011
William Brindley0:41:48-00:11:410:30:073110


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