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Club 10K XC (including Vets Championships)

Runners (and volunteers) were greeted by a dry and mild day for the Club 10 XC run on a new course from Norman Park. It was still pretty windy though, and no-one enjoyed the headwind down the finishing straight! And the Mazzards Wood section of the course continues to include a proper boggy stretch, encountered twice.
A modest size field of 18 included 4 guests from Beckenham, one of who, Ryan Brotherton was fastest on the day and the only one to break 40 minutes. Luca Ercolani finished 2nd, but 1st for the club and fastest vet, being all those in the “less mature” V40 category as well as his fellow V50’s.
Chris Martin was 1st on handicap in his first ‘club only’ event of the Bennett Cup season. Matt Bullen retains the overall lead, from Luca,but on a points per race basis John Turner is not far behind Matt.
-David Beadle
Podium Position (including Bennet Club leaders)
Race ResultTime
1Ryan Brotherton00:39:04
2Luca Ercolani00:40:28
3Paul Sharpe00:41:22
Race Result WomenTime
1Katie Sugden00:49:14
2Ciara Kiley00:51:13
BBHAC HandicapHcap time
1Chris Martin00:35:29
2Kervin Adjei00:36:02
3Ian Scott00:36:21
Bennett Cup Leaders after 6 eventsPointsaverage per event
1Matthew Bullen620133.5
2Luca Ercolani619232
3Luigi Arcuri617629.3
4John Turner412932.3
5Damien Hayes411829.5
BBHAC Men V40PosTime
1Paul Sharpe300:41:22
2Darren Corneille400:41:36
3Ian Scott600:42:15
BBHAC Men V50PosTime
1Luca Ercolani200:40:28
2Matthew Bullen800:44:20
3Chris Martin900:46:29
BBHAC Men V60PosTime
1Roger Beswick500:41:52
2Andrew Lawes1300:48:52
3Luigi Arcuri1600:51:47
BBHAC Men V70PosTime
1John Turner1800:58:30
BBHAC Women V45PosTime
1Katie Sugden1400:49:14
Full Race Results
PositionNumberNameCategoryhcpb ptshcp time10m bptsbpt tottime
117Ryan Brothertonguest00:39:04
29Luca ErcolaniV50-0:02:2216200:38:063019200:40:28
310Paul SharpeV40-0:04:097800:37:133411200:41:22
46Darren CorneilleV40-0:03:105300:38:26288100:41:36
57Roger BeswickV60-0:04:0900:37:43333300:41:52
613Ian ScottV40-0:05:546900:36:213810700:42:15
712Steve Mossguest00:44:06
811Matthew BullenV50-0:07:5516500:36:253620100:44:20
93Chris MartinV50-0:11:003800:35:29407800:46:29
1016Kervin AdjeiSM-00:10:454700:36:02398600:46:47
1115Damien HayesV50-0:11:228300:36:343511800:47:56
122William BrindleyV50-0:10:177600:38:282710300:48:45
138Andrew LawesV60-0:12:284000:36:24377700:48:52
1414Katie SugdenF45-0:11:225600:37:52318700:49:14
1518Ciara Kileyguest00:51:13
165Luigi ArcuriV60-0:13:3314700:38:142917600:51:47
174Ken BakshGuest00:57:25
181John TurnerV70-0:20:409700:37:503212900:58:30

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