Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

Open Meetings

The Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC Open Meeting Series are Sponsored by SoClean. You can now enter open meetings online, it is easier and cheaper to do this. Visit the following link to book your event in advance.

Online Entry:


You can use the search facility to narrow down the results. For example to search by date try; August, this will show open meeting events for this month only. You could try filtering using, Track to show only track events. You can even search by event, for example try typing hammer to see all open meetings at Norman Park where there is a hammer competition. Good Luck.

Entry Fees: Full details of entry fees and dates can be found on entry4sports using the online entry link above. For further details please contact Mark Purser:  Address: Norman Park Community Sports Centre, Norman Park
Hayes Lane, Bromley
Kent, BR2 9EG

Norman Park Open Meeting
DateTimeEventTrack / Field
21-May-20186:30pmPole Vault Under 2.5m StartField
21-May-20187:00pm1500SC WomenTrack
21-May-20187:15pm100m(R1) All AgesTrack
21-May-20187:15pmShot U13 / U15Field
21-May-20187:15pmDiscus U17 / U20 / SENField
21-May-20187:30pmPole Vault Over 2.50m StartField
21-May-20187:45pm2000mSC MenTrack
21-May-20188:00pm800m All AgesTrack
21-May-20188:15pmShot U17 /U20 / SENField
21-May-20188:15pmDiscus U15 /U15Field
21-May-20188:25pm100m (R2) All agesTrack
21-May-20188:50pm400m All agesTrack
21-May-20189:05pm1500m All agesTrack

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