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Being a Technical Official is a great way to be involved with the action on the track and in the field, and you don’t have to have any previous experience of athletics – you learn as you go and there will be plenty of support from your officials’ team. There are four main roles:

  • Field Judge – you will help make sure the jumping and throwing events go smoothly, safely and according to the rules, and work as part of a team to record the athletes’ performance.
  • Starter/Starters Assistant – you will be getting athletes ready to start their races and making sure the start is fair.
  • Track Judge – you will help make sure that athletes are safe and race according to the rules, and decide the results of races.
  • Timekeeper – you will be working with other timekeepers on all aspects of the athletes’ times, from start to finish of their races.

All officials work as part of a team, and it’s usually easy to learn the basics very quickly. If you think this is for you, and for information about officiating opportunities at Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC, please contact the club Officials Secretary. For further information on the role of Technical Officials, see the England Athletics website.

Officiating Journey – England Athletics

The officiating journey benefits from structured qualifications, practical competition experiences and ongoing development opportunities throughout.

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