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Track & Field Events at Blackheath and Bromley.

Blackheath and Bromley Harriers offer a gateway to the thrilling world of track events, providing athletes with the opportunity to train and compete in a variety of disciplines. Whether you aspire to excel in sprints, middle distance, hurdles, steeplechase, or race walking, the club nurtures your talent and guides you towards reaching your full potential.

The club’s experienced coaches and supportive training environment ensure that athletes receive the guidance and resources needed to succeed in their chosen events.

With access to new facilities and a network of fellow athletes, you’ll find yourself immersed in a vibrant community that shares your passion for track events. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just beginning your track journey, Blackheath and Bromley Harriers provide the platform to develop your skills, challenge your limits, and pursue athletic excellence.

Sprints are the epitome of raw speed and explosive power on the track. From the lightning-fast 100 meters to the exhilarating 200 and 400 meters, athletes push their limits in a burst of energy, chasing the finish line in a matter of seconds. These events require supreme acceleration, technique, and mental fortitude, showcasing the essence of pure speed.

Middle distance events demand a unique blend of speed and endurance. Athletes competing in the 800, 1500, 3000, and 5000 meters must possess the ability to maintain a swift pace while strategically managing their energy reserves. These races are tactical battles, requiring precise timing and smart decision-making to strike the right balance between speed and stamina.

Hurdle events add an extra dimension to track competitions, combining speed, technique, and agility. Athletes gracefully leap over a series of hurdles while maintaining their momentum. The 110 and 400-meter hurdles require impeccable timing, flexibility, and coordination, as athletes navigate the barriers at high speeds, showcasing their athleticism and precision.

Steeplechase is a unique event that combines distance running with hurdling and water jumps. Athletes face the ultimate test of endurance as they cover a long distance while surmounting hurdles and negotiating water obstacles. The 3000-meter steeplechase is a captivating event that demands resilience, strategic planning, and the ability to adapt to varying terrains.


Race walking is a deceptively challenging event that emphasizes efficiency and technique. Athletes strive for maximum speed while maintaining contact with the ground at all times, ensuring one foot remains on the track. The 20 and 50-kilometer race walking events require immense stamina, mental discipline, and a meticulous focus on maintaining proper form.

Pole vault is a captivating field event that showcases the combination of power, speed, and technique. Athletes use a flexible pole to propel themselves over a bar set at impressive heights. The pole vault requires not only physical strength but also precision and grace, as athletes aim to clear the bar and soar to new heights.

High jump is a test of vertical prowess and agility. Athletes sprint towards the bar, executing a complex technique to clear it without knocking it down. The event demands a blend of explosive power, flexibility, and timing as athletes strive to defy gravity and achieve greater heights with each jump.

Long jump combines speed, strength, and technique in a thrilling display of athleticism. Athletes sprint down the runway, launching themselves into the air, and extending their bodies to achieve maximum distance. The long jump requires exceptional power, coordination, and a flawless landing to secure a remarkable leap.

Discus, hammer, and javelin events showcase the artistry of throwing implements. Athletes exhibit strength, technique, and precision as they hurl these objects through the air. The discus requires a combination of rotational power and release technique, the hammer demands immense strength and coordination, while the javelin relies on a dynamic throw to achieve maximum distance.

Shot put is a display of pure power and precision. Athletes heave a heavy metal ball, known as the shot, using explosive strength and perfect technique. The shot put demands strong core and upper-body strength, as well as a keen understanding of the precise release to achieve maximum distance.

Triple jump is a captivating field event that combines speed, power, and agility. Athletes perform a sequence of hop, step, and jump, aiming to cover the greatest distance possible. The triple jump requires a meticulous approach, precise take-off, and coordinated landings, making it a true test of athletic prowess.

Cross Country and Road Running. A Legacy of Cross Country Excellence

Cross Country and Road Running.

Cross country running at Blackheath and Bromley Harriers boasts a rich history and a recent string of successes. The club’s athletes consistently shine in national competitions, showcasing their talent and dedication. One notable tradition is the mob matches, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among rival clubs. Our cross country courses are renowned for their challenging yet picturesque routes, testing athletes’ endurance and resilience.

Among the club’s events, the Ted Pepper Memorial Cross Country stands out as a poignant tribute to a former member, honouring his legacy while nurturing a love for the sport. Looking ahead, Blackheath and Bromley Harriers are poised to continue their legacy of excellence in cross country running. With a strong foundation of determination and sportsmanship, our club inspires athletes to push their boundaries and reach new heights. Blackheath and Bromley Harriers have left an indelible mark on the cross country scene.

Blackheath and Bromley Harriers: Our Road Running Success.

Blackheath and Bromley Harriers are synonymous with road running excellence. Our athletes consistently achieve remarkable success, particularly in SEAA events. The club’s competitive spirit and talent shine through in national and regional competitions, securing top positions.

Our impressive performances in SEAA events showcase our ability to thrive in challenging road running environments. Looking ahead, Blackheath and Bromley Harriers remain focused on continued dominance, inspiring future generations to aim high and pursue their dreams.

If you are an experienced runner, don’t run on your own – come along and run with us! If you are new to town or a beginner, running with the club is a great way to meet new friends and improve.The good news is that we don’t ask potential members to join straight away, but to come along to a club night for a few weeks to try us out. We have a wealth of experience to share to improve your running and dedicated Sports Physiotherapists on hand to help with injury or injury prevention.

For over 100 years Wednesday has been the club night for road, cross country and distance runners.

Runs commence at 7pm, leaving from Norman Park Community Sports Centre (outside the changing rooms). Full male and female changing room and shower facilities are available for use. The bar is also open for post run refreshment, with delicious (prebooked) meals also available!

  • Through the Winter Wednesday Night groups run at varying paces and distances taking in the well-trodden routes and well-lit local streets of Hayes, Bromley, Chislehurst, West Wickham, Crystal Palace and Beckenham.
  • In the Spring and Summer months Wednesday Nighter’s can be found running off road following trails and bridleways across Hayes Common, Nash, Biggin Hill, Leaves Green, Keston and High Elms.
  • Throughout the year, training groups are also led out for hill sessions, interval training and Fartlek sessions.

A number of Members take part in Marathons each year – in 2023 (so far) this has included London, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Boston (USA), Valencia with more planned. Small groups will often train together for these events. This might include long Sunday runs.

During the winter months, September to March, Blackheath and Bromley take part in a series of club cross country races, over 5, 7.5 or 10 mile distances in all weathers.

• Cross Country Mob matches home and away are competed each winter against old rivals, Orion Harriers, Ranelagh, South London Harriers, Beckenham Running Club and Croydon Harriers.

• Teams are entered into a series of Kent League Cross country events on Saturday afternoons in various locations across Kent in all age groups. This is currently very popular across all ages, and competitors can often be founds at a nearby pub afterwards!

• Teams are also entered into the England Athletics National Cross-Country Championships & England Athletics Southern Cross-Country Championships each year in all age groups.

• The Club always does well at the Kent Masters Cross Country with healthy attendance across all age groups.

Quite simply it is a Mob of us against a Mob of them… Statistically the more competitors one team has the better their chances of winning… The way it works is that you added up the number of runners on each side then take three off of the smaller number. For example, if SLH have 47 and B&B have 60 then we score the first 44 from each side. Adds up to big numbers and the team with the lower score is the winner. First place counts 1 point, 2nd 2 etc etc – if you finish in 98th place you score 98 points. So, the result is not normally known until the last few runners finish. Regardless of your age or sex you can make a big difference just by running. Think about it – even if all our scoring runners are home and dry, and theirs are not, you still help by pushing the opponents score higher by finishing in front of any of their scoring runners. Great fun and it’s been going on since the 18 hundreds. Ranelagh Harriers, South London Harriers and Orion Harriers are our oldest protagonists – they are the big three. Recently we have started to compete against Beckenham Running Club.

Held on Wednesday evenings (19:15) this is a summer series based on a loop of just under 5k. It is open to anyone and is run as a yacht handicap – slowest goes off first and the fastest last. The theory being that you all finish as a bunch. This year the handicapper is Dick Griffin to whom all complaints should be addressed! Named after Roy Parris who sadly died after an heroic fight against cancer. Roy was a regular Wednesday Nighter right up until the last – he enjoyed his running as well as the social side of the club. This event is an apt tribute to Roy.

Visit the >>> Paris Handicap competition page <<<


The Ted Pepper ‘Seven’ was first organised in 1979. Back in 1979 the Club Committee turned down a request to make it a 10k road race, as they said no one ran 10k on the roads! (those were the days). It was always a short seven miles and was basically 3 laps around the Langley Park area of Beckenham. In 1991 the course was re-measured and adjusted to make it 10k. In 2012 the event was moved to Norman Park and became an Off-Road 10k, starting and finishing on Norman Park Track. The cup and six replicas were presented to the Club by Ted’s Company: Collingwood, Conduit St. Limited.. In the early years the winner kept the small replica. Who was Ted Pepper? Read his Obituary.

By joining Blackheath and Bromley Harriers, you become part of a legacy that spans generations of track and field success. The club’s rich history and commitment to fostering talent ensure that you receive the support and encouragement necessary to excel in your chosen discipline.

In conclusion, Blackheath and Bromley Harriers offer a pathway to the exhilarating world of track events. Regardless of your preferred discipline, the club provides the opportunity to train, compete, and unleash your potential. Prepare to immerse yourself in a community of like-minded athletes, guided by experienced coaches, as you embark on an exciting journey towards achieving your track and field goals.

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