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Some of our volunteer opportunities at Blackheath & Bromley are more specific than just general volunteering jobs.

Below are a selection of our current vacancies. If you think you have the skills to help with any of these jobs please contact:

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Current Vacancies


We are looking for a press officer to help showcase our club and celebrate the athletes achievements. Duties would include: Writing brief weekly reports, liaising with the President, team managers/comms team and informing the social media team/the local press of notable achievements.


We need someone to take responsibility, or lead a small team, to keep track of our valuable historic trophies and record the amazing achievements of our athletes.  Let’s celebrate the club’s winners!


We need someone to take responsibility for our Blackheath & Bromley Kit. The role will involve collaborating with Kitlocker, ordering kit, liasing with printers to create t-shirts for YDL/European finals and arranging second hand Blackheath & Bromley kit for sale.

Support will be given from those who have been covering these individual areas.


Blackheath & Bromley is a registered charity responsible for managing the finances of athletics for 900 members and operation of the Norman Park Community Sports Centre. In addition to a membership secretary we currently have one treasurer and assistant treasurer managing the income and accounts payable, controlling expenses, cashflow and future funding. With the growth of activity at the sports centre we need to split the roles of managing the club and sports centre finances, and are looking for someone with some finance experience to assist with these tasks.


As a charity Blackheath & Bromley is continually looking for ways raise funds to cover costs involved in running a club as large as ours. We have many opportunities for companies to sponsor, from modest ideas like athlete awards, to grand aspirations for our own grandstand. If you have a love BBHAC, great communication skills and a persuasive nature this could be the role for you!

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